Lionel Messi lands in his home town, Rosario, to celebrate Xmas worth family

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The saying No place like home always holds true from generation to generation. No right thinking person would stay out from his aboriginal base forever. Even those who tried it failed because, at some point, you will be homesick, and once you're homesick, you're homesick. And no medicine cures homesickness excepts visiting home! And this is applicable to all right thinking human beings.


In conforming to this natural tenet, Lionel Messi may have decided to leave all the allures of Europe and spend this Xmas at home with his enlarged family. Based on this decision, first to go home was his wife Antonella and their three children — Thiago, Mateo and Ciro.

Perhaps, he did this for safety reasons...I mean the reality of first sending his family home without traveling with them. Yes, safety must have been his reasons. Personally, I think it isn't advisable for the whole family to travel together.

Following the conformation of his family's safe landing, he himself began his own trip to home on Thursday. He was flown out to Argentina on Thursday and touches down his home town known as Rosario, Argentina, on Sunday. It was a glorious family reunification as he meets his wife, three kids and his immediate and extended family.

I am here as one of his hardcore fans saying to him...

Happy Xmas and a glorious New Year in advance!

Thanks for reading.


Season greetings bro!

Ya after such a busy football session, its always better to meet family and relaxed - then come back to show even better on the field.

Happy christmas !!!

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No place like home and spending the festive season will make more comfort and known the welfare extended families.

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