Anthony Joshua takes a look at the belts as he meets Ruiz ahead of the long awaited rematch

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Ever since their first ever fight in June this year during which Anthony Joshua lost his belts to Andy Ruiz, many things have been said about the two giants. There has been a lot of contrasting opinions and theories by fans of the Super rated boxers. While some are of the opinion that the rematch will be a walk over for Anthony Joshua, others think otherwise, insisting Mr Joshua's era is long gone.


On their own, Mr Joshua has said a lot about how he has prepared very well to ensure he does not left any stone unturned in his quest to see he brings the belts home, while Andy Ruiz has equally said he's gonna surprise Joshua again.

While all this was going on, none of them has set eyes on each other ever since their first meeting. But that's no longer the case as they finally meet today in Saudi Arabia ahead of their rematch which has been scheduled for 7 December, 2019.

During their meeting, Anthony Joshua admitted that "it feels different" since losing but insisted during his press conference that he isn't scared about their impending rematch.

"I didn't lose heart or fire in my belly," Joshua said about losing to Ruiz Jr earlier this year. "There is no fear in my heart, my eyes or my mind. I didn't lose any commitment." source

Now for a man to make such a firm statement, I think he's very really determined to reclaim his "assets". I see so much seriousness and fearlessness!

Andy Ruiz should better braise up to counter this threat. I call it threat because I am a witness to an occasion in which there's a loss of life.

I ain't saying there gonna be loss of life but, in all honesty, precaution, they say, is better than cure.

Best of luck to the both!!

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