Tyson Fury (The Boxing Legend) Makes His Way To WWE

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A lot of us are fans of both boxing and wrestling. Y'all may probably have heard of Tyson Fury. He is a super-heavyweight boxing legend and champion that has remained undefeated for years.

Tyson Fury. From Wiki. By Mac Dreamstate. CC BY-SA 4.0 License

A few weeks back, he was rough-handled by WWE heavyweight beast, Braun Strawman when he came to view a WWE match. This led to scuffle between the boxing beast and the wrestling beast.

Few days later, Tyson Fury appeared again in WWE to demand apology from Strawman but the scenario escalated quickly and both beasts were separated by the locker room stars and referees after minutes of physical impact.

To settle this one and for all, the both beasts (Tyson Fury and Strawman) will have an official match slated for October 13 where Fury promised to take his revenge on Brawn Strawman.

You will recall that Braun Strawman was the former unified WWE heavyweight champion and had once beaten the legendary Roman Reigns to pulp at a point. Obviously, we might expect to see that kind of match with Tyson Fury.

Asides Tyson, other boxing legends had made history for fighting in WWE ring with WWE wrestlers. The likes of Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson. How will y'all see this legendary match coming up between Tyson Fury and Strawman? Let's hear your comments.


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