Saying nothing to racism: Lukaku the latest victim in Italian football's never-ending cycle of shame

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We've been here before. Cagliari. Racial abuse. A seemingly never-ending cycle of supporters targeting players of colour at the Sardegna Arena.

Inter's new strikerRomelu Lukaku was subjected to monkey chants at Cagliari on Sunday evening and it wasn't a shock because it had happened again and again.

It happened to Sulley Muntari in 2017, Blaise Matuidi in 2018, Moise Kean in April and now it was Romelu Lukaku's turn to bear the brunt of racial discrimination as he stepped up to take a penalty for Inter in front of the Curva Nord.

The good thing was that he won!!!

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It is really so pathetic! Nobody is doing anything about it, anything that would serve as a deterrent to the perpetrators so it goes on unabated

Yes I agree with you totally. If the perpetrators are not brought to book, how will these derogatory chants end. It has been happening for years now and it is being treated with levity.

Ha! Why do we keep saying no to racism when the authorities in charge of sanctions keep saying no to any form of meaningful punishment to the perpetrators. What a farce!

I had always thought that football could be a unifying factor expected to solve racism, in Italy or across the globe but it seems far from it, even despite the fact that the penalty was a winning goal. This sucks.

Italians have shown severally and in very clear terms that they are racists to the core. The painful aspect is that the authorities just watch on.