Pogba, Barcelona, Zidane & the winners and losers of the summer transfer window

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The European transfer window has finally closed, after so many massive deals and stalled talks. Though Zidane, Real Madrid boss had wanted to bring in his fellow Frenchman, it was a deal that never materialised.

Amongst the winners of this season are Antonio Conte and Beppe Marotta who combined to great effect to bring Juventus back to their perch after Calciopoli and the early signs are promising even as they are getting prepared again to knock off Juve with the same boisterous stance.

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The loan signing of Alexis Sanchez will prove if it's worth it or not, given the Chilean had an even worse time of it than Lukaku at Old Trafford though he offers another option in attack, which is what Conte desires.

For the first time in so many years, Inter Milan have both a squad and a coach capable of sustaining a title challenge. Conte is already changing the atmosphere around the club with his excellent team cohesion and togetherness. It's a wonderful thing to behold.

Inter Milan, s is already looking like Conte's Juve. Thanks to Conte! Juventus will be shifting uncomfortably on her perch right now because of the new squad at Inter Milan.

Conte wanted a strong No.9 to lead the line and believes that Romelu Lukaku who was signed from Manchester United will prove a bargain at €65m.

The one that frustrated most was the inability of Barça to sign on Neymar, their darling and the world's most expensive player. And now that the transfer window is closed, what happens to Neymar.