Juve Interested In Signing New 'Paul Poona'

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Italian Serie A giants Juventus have their eyes on Manchester United’s young midfielder Tahith Chong, popularly known as the new 'Paul Pogba'

Due to his very brilliant performances, the 19-year-old is highly-rated in the football community, coupled also with the fact that many see him exhibiting the same kind of qualities as French World Cup winning midfielder Paul Pogba.

The Dutch international who played against Stoke City and scored a goal for his team has been under close observation by Juve’s scouts. And being in the final year of his contract with Manchester United, he is very free to start negotiations with other club sides as from early January. Juventus is seriously waiting!!!

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Is Manchester United ready to loose its midfielder? If they let him go, it would have been their loss.

Yes indeed

Talks on his re-signing has not yielded any positive result.

Tahith Chong plays as well as his mane of hair. A wonderful player.

yes truly he is.

Yes he has quite a head of hair and he's very comfortable with it. Yes he is also a wonderful player.

Juventus have been tracking Tahith Chong with a view to making a move for him and since his contract with Manchester United is ending by the end of the season, Juve could start negotiating for him in January and I believe they will get him. .

Yes they have but United have tried to extend his contract but talks haven’t been successful so far. If this is so, then other clubs including Juve can have a go at him.

Yes they can and there are other sides interested also.

Chong is for Juve already, I don't think they will miss him.

Yes Juventus was a birthing ground for Paul Pogba so it could be for Chong.