5 Win Streak in my Main Account

in sportstalk •  last month 

Hi guys, I would like to share my 5 win streak in my account anf in this game I was using the fighter/support Kaja.

The opponent first picked Guineverre on their side. Then, I picked Kaja. Before the start of the game, I was hoping we could end it early because it's difficult to face Irithel and Karina in the long game. In the lane, I was together with Odette. And we harassed the lane so that we could get our objective. Then we ganked mid to prevent Irithel from getting fat. Fortunately, our Kimmy was the one who carried us to victory. She was dominating the whole game. The opponents could not even go near her. So, we just supported her until we win the game.

Here is the stats of the game. And I hope that this win streak continues.

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