June 5, 20: Calculus, Load Screens, Gardening, and Games


Five thirty it was today, but almost a full night, so not bad.

Did the usual morning stuff. Not a lot going on, Bitcoin still basically trading sideways and Bittrex still sitting on my funds. 😡

I pulled the trigger over on HE, though, and traded out a big chunk of the STEEM I moved over. Lucky for them, they’re the only game in town, so they’re making money coming and going (literally). Getting close to my goal for the year of 25,000 HP already! 😁

Starting to consider abandoning my Steem account altogether. My plan was to continue until my powerdowns were done and it wasn’t worth upvoting anymore. I’m still sticking with that plan (I mean $.25 is $.25), but it’s starting to become more of an annoyance maintaining on two chains than it might really be worth.

Spent some time helping students with homework over on Discord. The chalkboard is proving to work quite well. 🤓


Not really sure what my deal was today, but I just didn’t feel like going out. So, no maps or pics today. 😢

It was really nice out, though, so I did another hour or so worth of weeding in the garden. Making progress, enough that I could probably just run with it as is, but I want to finish the job.

The Fitbit counted the gardening as an exercise, so I’ll count it too. 😀


To be honest, I’m not all that happy with the new Xbox so far. It seems since I’ve turned it on, I’ve been staring at load screens pretty much constantly. I guess that’s partly due to lame programming of the game i was playing, but then when I tried to change to another game (pinball) all I got was another hour of loading...loading. 🤬

I did get a little playing done, but much less playing than watching load bars and percentages.

Didn’t really accomplish too much otherwise. Had some quesadillas for dinner and watched a bit of Flash while I tried (relatively unsuccessfully) to complete my Splinterlands quest.

No new advances in my dCity today. No robberies either, so that’s good. I got a few more immigrants coming in and my income was a bit higher today. 🤑


Really struggled in the arena on Holybread. I ended up getting two wins, but just couldn’t pull of the third.


Still up in the seventies, but not sure that’s going to last very long.



Splinterlands was seriously rough today. 😡. I had Fire splinter for my daily quest, which shouldn’t have posed much of a problem. Yet, I got two insane losing streaks and lost out of Diamond II again. 🤬




I lost so damn much that I couldn’t even get them all in the battle log! I finally ended my misery in Diamond III with a potion. Rewards were arguably not worth it, but at least I did get a few cards:



Average Last 7 Days: 18,677

Lifetime Average: 15,964

10k per Day Streak: 73
Longest Streak: 196

Distance on shoes: 525.5 km


#AutomaticWin Tally: 212
#AutomaticWin Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 19

#TripleTen Tally: 102
#TripleTen Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 7

#DoubleDay Tally: 133
#DoubleDay Streak: 0
Longest Streak: 5

Highest Floors: 120

Highest Daily Points: 41,528

Zombies evaded: 0/0

Mindfulness Diary:

Health: 81%
Satisfaction: 85%
Energy: 92%
Productivity: 75%







Pi Cloud Mining



Power up and Hive on!

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