Major Football Transfers - 3

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Hi guys, its another session of major transfer deals in the footballing world. Join me as we take a look at 10 more deals that has given us the chills.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka

Manchester United completed the signing of Aaron Wan-Bissaka from Crystal Palace in a deal worth £50M. The deal which is a five year contract, will see the England under-21 international take home £80,000 a week.


Luka Jovic

Real Madrid are definitely the busiest side in this current transfer season, as they continue their team revolution, with the signing of the 21 year old Serbia striker, Luka Jovic from Eintracht Frankfurt on a six-year contract. The deal is believed to be worth around €60m (£53.2m)

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Tanguy Ndombele

Tottenham broke their transfer record for the signing of midfielder Tanguy Ndombele from Lyon, a deal worth €60 million (£54m/$68m). The 22-year-old France international Ndombele joins on a six-year contract.



Manchester City completed a £62.8M club record transfer for the Spain international. Rodri joins the Premier League champions on a five-year deal, after leaving Atletico Madrid.

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Matthijs De Ligt

Juventus signed the sensational 19 year old defender in a deal worth €75m (£67.8m), on a five-year contract worth a basic €16m (£14.5m) a season which could rise to €24m (£21.7m) with add-ons. The full package would see the teenager earn a potential weekly salary of €460,000 (£416,000) if all the add-ons are achieved. Making him one of the highest paid teenager in the game.

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Frankie De Jong

Barcelona got their hands in Ajax midfielder Frenkie De Jong on a five year contract for €75m (£65.3m)


Lucas Hernadez

Bundesliga Champions, Bayern Munich completed the signing of Atletico Madrid full-back Lucas Hernandez for a club-record £68m (€80m). The 23 yeàr old, world cup winner, signs a contract running through June 2022.

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Eden Hazard

Hazard sealed his dram move to Madrid in the last month. The prolific attacker joins Los Blancos for a fee around £88M.

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Antoine Griezmann

Antoine Griezmann finally gets his dream move to FC Barcelona in a deal worth £107m (€120m).
The French forward announced his desire to leave the Wanda Metropolitano earlier this summer and noe has gotten signed to the Spanish champions.

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Joao Felix

Real Madrid are definitely the side with the most buys this season, but its their neighbours who has the most expensive player as far as this transfer season i concerned. Atlectico Madrid in a bid to replace Griezmann went all out to sign 19 year old Joao Felix for £113M, making the teenager the second most expensive teenager of all time.

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