Shocked, Not really.

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My niece is staying with us this week as they are playing in the National Netball Tournament She just walked through the door and not knowing what to write for tonight's post she gave me a good story without even knowing why I was so interested. By the way this will be my first and last post on netball as it is one sport I can't watch along with squash.

They lost the match, but they won pricked my ears up immediately as you can't lose and win. They won on a technicality. This is how screwed up this is as you are dealing with young girls from various age groups and race shouldn't come into play with sport. This is how the government thinks and it is backward and racist whether you like it or not.

There are 7 girls on a netball team and then they have 5 substitutes. The squad is 12 girls strong and they have to have 3 whites in the squad. On court at any one time there has to be two white girls playing out of the 7 otherwise penalties are incurred. For every white girl short they lose the equivalent of 3 goals. If the team has less blacks and more whites the same applies.

Different regions around the country have different quota systems in place. She is from Natal so it is 5 Black Girls and 2 White Girls that have to be on court. Johannesburg it is 3 white girls and 4 black girls that comprise the make up of the team. I find this ludicrous and upsetting as what are you teaching the new generation.

Netball South Africa is run by Black management and these are the Sports Ministers guide lines that they have to adhere to. It makes me sick that you can't let the best girls be chosen and forget what race they are. I knew there was a quota but had no idea it was stipulated for team selections even for netball.

We see it in Rugby and Cricket already and to be honest that is why I don't support them anymore. The national teams are weaker because of this as for sport you can't work on a quota system. I am happy when I see people like Kevin Petersen playing for an adopted country as there talent would have just been lost. He was told this when playing for the Natal second team.

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I'm going to put aside my feelings but it's still shocking. I was wondering how do the calculate the percentage there? Based on what?

I have no idea how they do it in Netball. In rugby and cricket it is set at 60 percent for players of color. The selectors are in a bind as they are trying to field a strong team and can't. They normally get hammered after world cups for not selecting enough and lose their jobs. The last cricket world cup they dropped a player who was doing very well and the player they bought in was injured and had to leave the field and left the team in a shambles.

Out of words and still happening in 2019.
First time I heard about this sport it is like a basket ball type of game.
I do not see it in the US.

I agree with you and politics should not be part of sport. Sporting people are different and everyone should be welcome and it should be about talent only. Sporting people don't see the color of ones skin as we are team mates and have a common interest. I wish the government would just lay off whatever agenda they are up to as it puts everyone off.

That is totally crazy. I can't even imagine how they thought that was a good idea on any level. Oh, by the way, what is netball?

Basketball with no bouncing I suppose. Good for putting you to sleep.

Basketball with no
Bouncing I suppose. Good for
Putting you to sleep.

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I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

@cryptoandcoffee, Racism is biggest disease in this world and in my opinion it's sticked with Human Beings permanently.

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That really does sound insane!

It is just so wrong and what chance does a country have of moving forward if the youngsters are raised this way.

Absolutely unbelievable. How are they ever allowed to compete at International level within such draconian and racist domestic system of rules?
It's simply reverse apartheid!
I honestly didn't know this and now also can't understand why we read noting about this in the news or have the UN screaming 'foul' and countries around the world imposing sanctions!

I knew from your previous posts about the cricket, but kids netball? Pathetic beyond words.

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