Ajax Pulling Strings?

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Yesterday the Dutch FA announced that they are making this current season null and void. There is no promotions or relegation leaving everything the same for next season. Personally I think this is just plain wrong and with some teams only 8 games away from finishing the season.

The last time AZ Alkmaar won the Eredivisie was in 2009.
Two games a week is only 4 weeks and that is all they need to complete the season. That should be more important than just writing it off. This decision benefits Ajax more than anyone else as it gives them the front position for the champions League. That is where the money is and someone is pulling the strings protecting them.
Ajax are joint leaders of the Eerste Divisie which is the Dutch Premiership along with AZ Alkmaar. Both teams have 51 points with nine games remaining and only goal difference separating them. Ajax have won only 3 out of their 6 last games compared to AZ winning 5. Ajax were not assured the title so this suits them more than any other team.

I feel sorry for the teams in the second division as they have to restart again next season. As a sportsmen and a fan I just think there has to be more at play here and it smacks of crookedness and greed.

UEFA did say they would accept the Champions League spots from the different countries if there was no complaints. AZ have every right to be unhappy and to complain. They will not lie down and take this and quite right they shouldn't.

Ajax has offered to donate some money to help out other clubs in the League which I think is looking more like a bribe to keep quiet. Ajax need Champions League football as it gives them a guaranteed turnover for next season even if they get knocked out early on. $2 Million for every game played gives them a guaranteed $12 Million even if they don't make it past the group stages.In 2019 Ajax made it to the semi finals which was a huge payday for the club.

I think everyone who wants fairness in sport would like to see the league complete their fixtures. Putting aside one month to complete a season that lasts 8 months is nothing. If they really wanted to they could complete this with less than 4 weeks. Starting next season 1 month later is also an option.

No one said this period was going to be easy and I believe the Dutch FA has taken the easy route out. I was hoping the clubs would veto this option, but it looks as though Ajax with it's generosity may have won over the votes sealing the fate of the season.If this is the case why can't the top 2 teams play a home and away winner takes all for the Champions League spot.


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