Denver Broncos Bout to "Knock on Wood" **MNF**

in sportstalk •  15 days ago 

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Raider Nation Baby!! 🤣😂

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  ·  15 days ago (edited)

😬 “knock on wood if you’re with me” JG

What an amazing portrait drawing you look really awesome and cute

It was done by the beautiful and extremely talented @gvand who is a fellow Steemian here. I haven’t seen much of her around for a while but she is also living in Venezuela. Lots of trouble there right now, I hope she is safe. I am FOREVER THANKFUL to @gvand for dong this for me.

Game Week!!! Monday night with the Raiders!!!Woot! Bottom of the barrel. LOL

Knock on wood if you're with me!!! I love it. I like it. We are clear. OMG.

No running back. LOL Raiders Nation. I must say that you need to have someone to talk trash about. Do it again! :) Broncos own them!!

Sing it to me!


Good for you bud!

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I like football. I don't fully understand it, but I enjoy watching it.

pd: your initial greeting is the best!

That cap should be mine

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