El Barca is ready for Granada

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The Players of Football Club Barcelona were on the training to play with Granda.

Football Club Barcelona will play against Granada in weekly match 5 of La Liga this season. The Video from their official account showed us all the Players were preparing themselves seriuosly to face the match.

Now Ernesto Valverde has to work harder to manage the team. There will be so many challanges for him in the next matches or the season. People know there are many good Players in Barcelona and Valverde must be able to manage them to be a part of the dream team to win La Liga, Copa del Rey, and Ueropian Champhion Legue (UCL).

All the team members are quit happy to welcome Lionel Messi with them to plays in La Liga after his injury. Messi will lead them to win all the games this season. He is a soul a team and he can be a good motivator for some new ayers such as Griezmann, De Jong, and Ansu Dari.

In the video above you can watch their last training for Granada and they are ready for it.

Happy watching.

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Welcome Back Ivan Rakitic,...

i hope El Barcelona winners in Uefa Champion League season 2019/2020

Yeah..they will.

Welcome back 😀

Thanks for stopping by, Mbak.