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The national dragon boat group is set to fly today to Ningbo, China to participate in the 2019 ICF Dragonboat World Cup.

As per national lead trainer Lenlen Escollante, the objective of Pinoy paddlers is to give a decent match at the world meet that will be played by capable groups from around the globe.

The dragon boat group likewise needs to contribute a gold decoration in the Philippines' mission to secure the general title crown at the SEA Games.

That is the reason the World Cup is a decent one preceding the SEA Games are set to occur from November 30 to December 11 at Maalawan Park in Olongapo City.

"We are peering toward to succeed at least three of the six gold decorations in question. I'm happy that this World Cup came, in any event, a month prior to the SEA Games. In any event, we can see where we are correct presently regarding readiness and what are the zones we have to enhance as we head toward the Southeast Asian Games, "Escollante said.

Escollante distinguished the 1,000-meter and 200-meter blended standard vessel occasions and the 500-meter men's four-seater occasion with the most grounded possibility of the Philippines.


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