SPF Coin (SportyCo) introduction, website and trading platform

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SportyCo provides a path to sports investment for a wider global community, providing fans and potential investors with the means to directly participate in the largest and fastest growing industry. SportyCo can create a brand new strategy for sports investment by disrupting the existing sports participation financing model and enabling the sports community to raise funds independently on a global scale. To this end, SportyCo will launch an intelligent management platform.

SportyCo is a decentralized sports ecosystem designed to promote change and reshaping in the sports finance industry. SportyCo will become an intelligent ecosystem, a global community based on the Ethereum platform, using smart contract capabilities and other benefits of blockchain solutions to minimize logistics issues and associated costs and maximize sports play. Low overhead and secure ongoing trading potential between internal players while maximizing the potential for new financing opportunities for athletes and sports entities.

SPORTYCO intelligent management platform

SPORTYCO intelligent management platform promotes the transformation of sports financing worldwide, providing athletes, sports clubs and organizations with direct financial links with fans, sports enthusiasts and individual operators.

The intelligent management platform is a blockchain-based sports crowdfunding platform that acts as an intermediary, connecting micro-level people with financing needs and funding groups. The intelligent management platform can be operated by any sports person, whether it is an athlete, a club, or other sports organization. (To simplify this white paper, we hereby express it as a “theoretic athlete”, the same rules and their corrections. Applicable to other parties, such as teams, clubs and other sports organizations).

At the same time, athletes, clubs, and organizations can create profiles on the blockchain-based platform to prioritize their current grades and future plans, and specify the financing methods they need to accomplish their goals. SportyCo offers a way for crowdfunding for athletes, sports clubs and organizations. At the other end, the SportyCo intelligent management platform allows the public to participate in sports activities at a personal level, such as betting. In this way, the public can provide financial assistance on the road to the career of young athletes. Understand that everyone collects firewood high!

Prior to the emergence of SportyCo, only large conglomerates, companies and people with large capitals were able to participate in the sports finance industry. In this regard, SportyCo will try to reverse the situation and allow the public (ie fans) to participate in sports financing. Everyone has the opportunity to directly support their favorite athlete or club and get a reward for success. In addition to simple donations, smart investment contracts allow fans and sports enthusiasts to invest directly in athletes, clubs or other sports organizations and receive future returns. Based on the above, SportyCo has introduced a new industry, namely, mass microfinance. The industry is able to provide macro-finance to athletes, clubs and organizations to help them achieve their financing goals.

By using the SportyCo intelligent management platform, any fan or sports enthusiast can become a sports investor, depending on their interest and purchasing power.

The platform will have two main pillars: a cryptocurrency-based donation platform (donor module) and an economic incentive-based cryptocurrency platform (investment module).

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