SportsCoolPeople - Project created to bring cool people to Steem and to SportsTalkSocial

We need to add value to SportsTalkSocial and to Steem blockchain so that our cryptos grow in value.

How to do that?

Basicly bringing influencers and good writers to SportsTalkSocial and to Steem

How to do that?

Basicly the idea is to find cool writers on scorum, cool sports youtubers, etc and convince them to come to Steem blockchain and to SportsTalkSocial.

How to do that?

Basicly I created a steem account @sportscoolpeople to vote those people and make them earn sports. But the account have no sports staked. So I need to make people to delegate to that account 100.000 SPORTS so it has power to vote newcomers, influencers, etc.

How to do that?

At first I need 5 people to delegate 20K Sports to that account each, so the account gets 100.000 SPORTS VP.

How to do that?

The account will distribute the curation rewards by the delegators + 50% of the votes to the delegators. The others 50% of the votes will be given to people we bring to the sportstalksocial from scorum and youtube. While we don't bring users, we will curate posts of existing sportstalksocial users with those 50%. We need to check the delegators accounts to see if their posts meet our quality standards.

So, imagine we have 5 delegators of 20.000 SPORTS each.

We would vote everyday: 1 post from each delegator(worth 1000 SPORTS) so 5 votes will be given to delegators.
5 other 100% votes will be given to posts we find interesting on sportstalksocial. If we convince sports youtubers or scorum users o come to sportstalksocial, the votes will be given to them.

So, basicly, the delegators that delegate 20.000 SPORTS to @sportscoolpeople will each one everyday : about 1000 SPORTS in curation rewards share + 1 100% upvote worth 1000 SPORTS.
The other 5 votes will be given to other people and preferentially to users we bring to the social network.

If you're interested in being one of the delegators and delegate 20K SPORTS to @sportscoolpeople DON'T DELEGATE YET!!!!!!!!!!! The project only works with 5 delegators, I'll start it only if I have 5 people interested. Furthermore, I need to analyze your posts to see if they meet the quality standards to get 1 1000 SPORTS upvote everyday. If you want to apply leave a comment saying that.

All the best,