Paragliding over the Himalayas … Pokhara, Nepal – Sports Photography

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If you’re high up in the mountains and you wanna get even higher … go paragliding. 

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Exploring or trekking

The small city of Pokhara has many attractions, including the peaceful lake on whose shores it lies, and the colossal Himalayas stretching across its northern frontier. Situated in a valley at an elevation of about 1,000 meters, Pokhara is a great place to explore the surrounding villages or to start on a mountain trek. 

Gliding or tripping

One day, I wanted to get a bit higher. Being neither a mountain climber nor a social climber, I rented a scooter and rode up into the mountains to explore the region. On the way back, I passed over a peak that overlooked Pokhara and came across this magnificent view of the lake and the town.

This paraglider sailing over the lake had an even better view. Clearly, his trip was more exhilarating than mine.  
Location – Pokhara, Nepal, on Google Maps

This is my entry in @juliank’s Sports Photography contest.

amazing experience

Such a beauty! A wonderful place and a great photo! I'd like to go paragliding there!

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It turned out a very beautiful picture. Although, I'm afraid of heights, I would like to be in this place.

Excellent option to enjoy that beautiful landscape

Yes, indeed. It might be the best way to view all that beauty.

mahes.tytyty really good capture well done, it would look even better if there is no haziness in the image.good work.

Unfortunately, the haze was part of the scenery, and therefore unavoidable. But the haze makes the paraglider stand out all the more distinctly.

wooow that looks amazing to be honest.
If I am lucky to go to Nepal soon and see this beauty, I would do it as sooon as possible. if possible tomorrow why not.

Your photo is very beautiful, it motivates you to relax, pokhara in a small town but really beautiful, I have never been paragliding but it should be exciting and with a great adrenaline rush. Congratulations.

Perfect photo shot. Lovely post...

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Photography of the small city of Pokhra is attractive.
Paraglidersave to enough courage for paragliding over to Himalaya as well as over the lake.
It is an adventurous work. Although there is much amusement seeing the beautiful lake,houses, mountains over the heights but there is a lot of panic moment. It was a super idea travelling by scooter due to unknown about mountain climbing.

Woww amazing paragliding :) and such a amazing veiw :)
If you don't mind please see my blog i hope you like my photos :)

Very majestic, looks calm and peaceful. It's probably not a good idea to fall asleep while paragliding but for some reason this picture makes me sleepy in a good way :)

I really like Paragliding,Really wonderful sports,Amazing fun,So enjoying,Very impressive places,Very interesting photography,@Dear,I really like your photography,Thanks for sharing,

Though, I'm afraid of heights, I would like to be in this place. If I am lucky to go to Nepal, I must see this beauty. There is some haziness in this pic, and the best part is, that haziness add more beauty to this scenery. It turned out to a very beautiful and awesome picture.

Amazing view, beautiful place. I really want to see Himalayan mountain.

Oh wow very beautiful and adventurous life you have spend over there... I also love to travel in new places and paragliding is so exciting for me😊 Great👍

Una experiencia única.

sir great post, super sir

So beautiful place 😃😃

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I want to say amazing and perfect photo shoot with timing. thanks for sharing.

WOW! must be the most liberating experience!

oh its very attractive photo thanks for sharing

That sounds incredibly fascinating. I think one will feel a little bit like a bird.


The great city and beautiful lake.
Thanks @majes.tytyty for sharing.
I hope your support.

Different experiencies.. (and nice photo)

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