The Convinience of blockchain in Sports betting.

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Online betting has evolved to become one of the fastest gambling department on the Internet. If you watch any sports you will realise how many sports betting companies have come up to claim convinience of your money in gambling.

Blockchain too has not fallen behind, we have so many gambling platforms where users can use their cryptocurrencies or a certain token to stake their chances. On the steem blockchain we have many of them like epic dice, steem-roller,

Sportsbetting on Blockchain

Sportsbetting has become a sport. You can't fail to bet with your cryptocurrency nowadays and this has saved many crypto enthusiasts from exchanging their money from crypto to fiat and back to crypto again.
Sportsbetting platforms that support Cryptocurrency have very low deposit and withdraw fees and have evolved to have a very wide selection of games that can be played.

Crypto sports betting platforms are gaining popularity because of these advantages they have over common platforms.
Privacy and no KYC
In some countries with strict rules that affect the anonymity of the users apparently blockchain is the solution for this.
Low fees on transactions.
Withdrawal and deposit fees are very low and users can as well use other coins like ETH,XRP, EOS, etc which could be cheaper.
No Taxes
Some countries have regulated sportsbetting and on top of that they have imposed taxes on each bet of any user. Like in my country a certain percentage of the rewards is taken from every successful bet. Most Crypto betting platforms that I know of don't have such taxes. This may become obselete if we get more platforms that are fully decentralized.

Some Great betting platforms that support Cryptocurrency.

Most of these platforms support other games like Roulette, dice, most casino games. on top of sports.

It's great how the world is adjusting to accept the convinience of blockchain. It's a big step in the Crypto world. I enjoy soccer and once in a while I place my bet. I find it very easy to use some of my crypto and hope I get lucky, you know.


I truly agree. Online gambling has massively improved in the past years. As long as they host "fairly", it will gain attention from users. I was loving epicdice before. :)

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