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Sportstalk keeps growing every day, I am very much happy to see a development of this nature. Sports is gradually becoming a world "religion " and where ever you see sporting events and activities, there shall emerge betting.

This development is not unexpected neither did it take us by surprise. It is one thing we all have been anticipating with all eagerness.

I am very sure this aspect of sportstalksocial shall begin to drive a reasonable traffic to the platform. And on the other hand, sports token shall become a medium of transaction and exchange on the betting site.

I want to also recommend that a full betting facilities should be incorporated into sports immediately. It will increase the demand for sports token and the supply will in turn push the price to the moon.

I think we need to learn about the site very quick, I still have little confusion about it modus operandi. Guidelines and T&C should be posted too as soon as possible.


Your contents are always nice. I have even follow you in scorum.

Hopefully sports token should be adopted broadly

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