Man United Join the Race to get Liverpool Superstar

in sports •  10 months ago

Man United could influence a stun to move to sign Liverpool midfielder Emre Can. Emre Can has pulled in the consideration of Italian monsters Juventus who were seeking sign him for nothing in the mid year. Can's agreement is running out and the midfielder will be allowed to converse with clubs and concede to a pre-contract when this exchange window closes. Liverpool may pitch him in January yet pitching to United will absolutely not run well with their fans.

The Manchester Evening News refers to the Italian distribution Corriere dello Sport as the hotspot for this exchange gossip. Both these sources are Tier 3 sources in our Football Transfer Sources Reliability Guide. Combined with the way that there has been no immediate exchange from Liverpool to Manchester United or the other way around for 50 years now, it is impossible that Can will end up playing at Old Trafford.

Be that as it may, the connections amongst Can and Juventus stay solid as the midfielder looks set to leave Anfield either in January or in the late spring unless there is a shocking difference in heart and he signs another agreement with Liverpool.

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