James Tarkowski linked with Arsenal and Man City⭕

in sports •  11 months ago

Arsenal and Manchester City are observing Burnley protector James Tarkowski in front of arranged offers for him next summer, as indicated by The Times.

Both the Gunners and Pep Guardiola's table-fixing City are quick to add the 25-year-old to their squad in front of the 2018/19 crusade.

The report asserts any offer of Champions League football would be troublesome for Tarkowski to turn down, however he is glad at Turf Moor and the Clarets won't consider giving him a chance to leave in the January exchange window.

Weapons store and City look set to monitor Tarkowski for the rest of the present crusade before making their moves.

The previous Oldham Athletic and Brentford player joined Burnley in 2016. He has built up himself as a first-decision focus back this season following Michael Keane's turn to Everton, and has framed a considerable organization with Ben Mee.

His exhibitions have seen him tipped for a call-up to Gareth Southgate's England squad.

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