Mayweather vs McGregor MMA fight in the works!?

in #sports3 years ago (edited)

UFC president Dana White said that floyd is negotiating a deal with the ultimate fighting championship to fight under mma rules! and obviously he is searching for more money and a rematch with Conor Mcgregor after beating him on august 26th in a boxing match "Round 10 TKO"

Dana said "he is crazy but he's dead serious about getting the deal done!"

So if that happend it means there will be a rematch between floyd and conor! personnaly i think it's a stupid idea from Mayweather because he will get embarassed by Conor in the cage, i don't think he will last a round with him! it's a whole different game than boxing, from kicking to grappling to clinching, i don't think floyd stands a chance.

in the other hand we all know that Conor will accept an mma rematch in a heart beat, making easy money and getting his revenge! but the question is would we buy to it? maybe i would lol!

what do you think guys??