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No Hit Manaea: On April 21, Sean Manaea no hit the best team in the majors in the Boston Red Sox. There are a few fascinating tidbits that come with it: No team since the 1988 Dodgers have gone on to win the World Series after being no hit. The last pitcher to no hit the best team in baseball was also an Athletic; Dallas Braden no hit the Rays in 2010 and there have been two other no hitters on April 21; The Cubs Jake Arrieta no hit the Reds in 2016 and Phil Humber of the Chicago White Sox had a perfect game against the Mariners.

The Immaculate Inning: Orioles Kevin Gausman, a notoriously slow starter, pitched an immaculate inning on Sunday in the 2-1 loss to the Cleveland Indians. 9 pitches and 3 strikeouts. It was the first immaculate inning of the year and the fourth in Orioles history.

21 and out: Part of the fun of baseball is that on any given day of the season in any given game, you can watch something you’ve never seen before, something historic or some rarity can occur. On Sunday, Brandon Belt of the Giants and the Angels Jaime Barria locked into an epic battle, one that has never been seen before. Belt ran up a 21 pitch at bat including 16 2-strike foul balls. The battle ended with a routine line out to right field. The at bat was the longest in MLB history and took nearly 13 minutes.

Cavnar Calls it: When Jenny Cavnar called Monday night’s San Diego Padres versus the Colorado Rockies affair, she became the third woman to call the play by play in an MLB booth in history. Cavnar has served as a reporter and radio analyst for both squads over her 12-year career before Monday night’s game. Congrats, Jenny.

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Sports are effective activities & Baseball is one of the best unfortunately there is not trend of Baseball in our country thanks for sharing these moments of Baseball with us @writesbackwards

Sports are absolutely the act of unity and you have been a part of greatness among all, you can never stop giving us the new, more from you boss..

Baseball is a rare game in my area, but heard about it, thanks for this post.

There were very good matches today boston I could not against toronto something is happening that Gausman is not winning by orioles picho well that is positive excellent friend that you share mlb with us is great greetings