Who is your Premier league Professional Footballer's association Player of the year2017/18

in sports •  11 months ago

This seasons premier league Professional Footballer's association Player of the year is made up of six players. This short list has Half  Manchester City players ,Kevin De Bryne,Leroy Sane and David Silva . Included in this short list is Manchester's -David De Gea Spurs­-Harry Kane and Liverpool's superstar Mohamed Saleh.  With the winner to be announced at the PFA"S annual awards ceremony on Sunday April 22.

I would like to know who is your player of the season. Well lets see who is my player of the season

Man City rightfully are boosting half the number of players. They have confirmed  winners of the premier league ,after Manchester united lost 1-0 earlier to West Bronwich Albion. It has been a wonderful win with five matches still to play.  They have also only lost 2 premier league games all season and are 16 points ahead of closes rivals Manchester United. They are definitely the team of the year. Yet for me unfortunately , non of the Man City players are my player of the season.

As for Man Uniteds David De Gea how has saved his side form losing many games throughout the season I would place him as the runner up .Yes ,second .

As for Harry Kane sorry but he has moments of brilliance .He runs hot and cold ,some games he is wonderful and out games you never see him.

It might be because I am buy-est ,as a Liverpool supporter my player of the season is the one and only Mohamed Salah. He has performed for Liverpool throughout the season . He has won a lot of games for Liverpool .

Please let me know what are your feelings .

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I choose Mohamed Salah, and if he pass 34 goals, he absolutely deserves that !

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