The Brothers of Destruction Reunited To Send A MAJOR Message To Paul "Triple H" Levesque & Shawn Michaels On WWE Raw !!

in sports •  6 months ago

The Brothers of Destruction Reunited To Send A MAJOR Message To Paul "Triple H" Levesque & Shawn Michaels On WWE Raw !!


Show some respect. These 4 were part of what made wrestling amazing. I don't care how old they are, they deserve a spot on any show, I think they've put in their dues. Even passed their prime I find these guys are more entertaining than 3/4 of the regular roster for both Raw and Smackdown. Does the new generation of wrestlers suck so bad that they have to keep digging these fossils up ! Don't get me wrong, I've always been a fan of Undertaker, Kane, and DX when they were around, but they are far past their prime now. You do realize that this was always done. I mean they had ric flair, hulk hogan among others during the attitude era so what's the difference now. In addition they are only in their early 50s and still have plenty to give, far from fossils SMH.

The performance doesn't matter if the show sucks. You could put a performance on par with DiNiro in "The Room" and it would still be bad, because it was "The Room." And people believe it or not, I don't like WWE either. It is just the Indy garbage is bad for a different reason. Walter shouldn't be going 30 minutes with Will Ospreay. It should go 15 tops, if Ospreay can run that fast. Also, Walter needs a better ring name, because I think of supermarket produce when I hear that name, not big bruiser. It is a shame that two of the best guys not in WWE are both 50: Suzuki and PCO. Cody is almost there, his match with Aldis was great. Doing cool moves is relatively easy. Making people care about you is much harder, especially in a society where caring about things is frowned upon. But cool moves don't sell tickets: people you care about one way or the other do. If you hate them, you want to see them fail. If you like them, you want to see them succeed. See how Kane protected Shawn Michaels back with the chokeslam? That's what this new generation are missing, be able to do these moves. Make them believeable and look after the person you're in the ring with. Triple h is gonna lose.wether its brothers of destruction vs dx. What ever.some body will mess up and yes maybe the undertaker might take the fall.buut I hope in the long run he wins this then finally the undertaker will have the victory.

Thanks for Watching !!

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