Where Is LeBron On The List

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The Lakers are one of the top teams in the NBA of all time, you could say them and the Celtics are 1a and 1b. You don't build a history like that without having a ton of talented players. Some people have already put LeBrons name at the top of that list, and I have a problem with that.


I'm not doubting LeBrons greatness, but he has yet to play a game in the purple and gold. In terms of Lakers greats, LeBron would barely be in the top 5, and even then I could argue he should be lower. When I think of the Lakers, I think of Magic and Kareem, which I consider to be the top 2 Lakers of all time. The showtime Lakers were one of the most exciting teams ever, and the battles they had with the Celtics of the 80s make them even more special. As far as individual players, Magic was the guy behind showtime. With his size, vision, and breathtaking passes, he ran the show better than anyone else could. In terms of Kareem, he was an unstoppable player, the skyhook is the most iconic shots in NBA history.


The number 3 and 4 players on my list played together as well. Kobe Bryant is the face of the Lakers, he may be retired, and they may have LeBron, but a lot of fans still consider the Lakers as Kobes team. The next player would be Shaq, as dominant as Kareem was with his skyhook, Shaq was equally as dominant with his dunk, and unmatched strength. When Shaq got you on the block, forget it, because he owned the paint. In all my time watching the NBA I have seen some physical players, Barkley, Rodman, Malone, but none of them were even close to Shaq. Lebron is great, but you have to be special, and prove something when you wear a Lakers Jersey. Where would you put LeBron on the list of Lakers greats, would he be higher, or lower?


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