Is Melo The Answer

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Now that all the big names have signed with their teams it seems Carmelo Anthony has taken center stage. Melo was an amazing scorer, but the key word is was. I'm not saying he can't return to the player he was, but its unlikely. It appears the front runner to get him is the Rockets, and some have said he can put them over the top.


If it was the Melo from 5 years ago, I could buy that, but I'm not buying in on this older Melo. The rockets have also lost two key pieces, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, and Trevor Ariza. Neither of these players are as talented as Melo on the offensive end, but they are both key on the defensive side, and the Rockets don't need help on offense. Melo couldn't cut it in OKC as the third option, and in Houston he may even have to come off the bench, which Melo has said he would not do.

download (4).jpeg

The one way I could see this working is if Melo accepts his role, and does what's best for the team. Come off the bench, play some solid minutes, give some effort on defense, and this will be beneficial to both. The biggest issue with this is Melo, and Mike D'Antoni had issues in the past with the Knicks. There is a chance this will work, but based on what we've seen from Melo, its it's unlikely. Do you think Melo can change his game, and help the Rockets win this season?


Maybe, I just don't know if he will help the Rockets

Well, that's a bit hostile. You must be a Knicks fan.

No lol. I just don’t like his attitude. He doesn’t have the skill to back up his mouth.

Lol I know. He'll probably end up in the hall of fame, which is sad.

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