Mikel Arteta awakens Arsenal's winning mentality

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Arsenal is a football team that has a long history as a very large club for its time but is now trying to get up

at the end of last season they had to settle for being in position 8 in the final standings of the English Premier League and they cannot participate in the European League or Champions League.

even so Arsenal managed to win the FA Cup where they managed to beat Chelsea in the final And that became their solace last season

When this season starts they will play one of the matches that are usually always presented in the English Premier League, namely the Community Shield, they managed to beat the Premier League champions last season, namely Liverpool on penalties.

Arsenal's current winning mentality Of course thanks to the hard work of training them at this time, namely Mikel Arteta, where he has been serving since December last year and has awakened a winning mentality to Arsenal players.Bold