Reasons to run!!

in sports •  2 years ago

1.You can run anywhere->It's easy to collect kilometer run either on tape or in the park. Even better, why you did not take and sneakers with you next holiday to explore a new place.

2.Save some money->Forget fancy equipment or expensive gym subscription. When it comes to running, you only need a good pair of shoes to kick off. (Do not worry, running in shorts is optional.)

3.Active in bed->Not only that having an enviable body, will help you be more confident in bed, but regular exercise will help the flexibility. In addition, you will have more binge.

4.You are more balanced->Runners have a more experienced better balance compared to non-runners, thus protecting its knees and tendons in the process. That's what you say, yoga? However, be careful not to exaggerate: too much exercise can lead to stress injuries and loss of bone mass.

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I agree with your four reasons to run.


Ok thanks