Liverpool Flogs Arsenal with a 3-1 win...again. Their victory breaks a few records.

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To most of you it's not in any way a suprise to see such a result between the two English giants. Arsenal have tried to atleast play for a respectable result and they surely got so close. The late goal by Lucas Torreira completed a 3-1 win for Liverpool, my prediction was right on check out
The Champion league title holders have continued with their form to thrash every team that they meet which holds true in Premier league where they have respectfully won their first three matches.
This time they are not joking, they have come to claim their trophy without mercy. The season still has a long way to go but judging from these results we can atleast say that Liverpool is hungry for the trophy that they haven't held for 30 years.

The match
J Matip opened the score line with a powerful header in the 41st minute. Mo Salah scored the team's second goal in the 49th minute, a penalty and he later in the 58th minute scored the third one. A late goal for Arsenal came in the 85th but only as a consolation.

This match got Liverpool a 12th victory in a row in the Premier League, something that has never happened ever since 1990. They have continued with their consecutive wins, nine from last season and three this season.They have so that they lift the English title that they have been waiting around to get for a very long time.

It was an interesting match that was full of pace, guess that's what you get when two very great teams play.

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