Fat Loss Not Easy But Worth a Lot

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Fat loss is more difficult than gaining muscle because it needs you to stop eating your favorite food in most of the cases. To loose fat you need to calculate the calories you take in vs the calories you burn. You will not notice big changes at early stages as they require hard work and lot of effort.

To start your meal plan you should just subtract those foods which can add more fats in your body that you can burn. Junk food should be avoided at all cost unless you want to eat it on a cheat day once or twice in a month. Some organic food however contain fats can be part of your food like bananas and rice.

Try to focus when you do abs workout you will have to concentrate to feel contraction in your abs. Even if you have a lot of mass around your belly and around your abs you have to do the exercise in a way that you can feel something contracting around your abs and belly fats.

Image Source : https://www.mensfitness.com/weight-loss/burn-fat-fast/how-lose-belly-fat-shredded-and-stronger-midsection


I do not worry about my calories as much as my fat-carb-protein intake ratio. Dieting is not about cutting out the food you love. Fastest way to break your diet is go told turkey in your favorite snacks. Limitation is the key. In stead of having a snack every day limit it to once a week. Don’t have a cheat “day” have a cheat meal. Lean protein green veggies and whole grain carbs are the key to success

woww what muscle..!!

Great information that's alot for your kind information, will definitely give it a try....

Basically the key is to play with your carbs and fat intake while protein intake pretty much remains the same (when you are really low on carbs though you tend to increase to 2.5/3gr x kg of lean mass).
Adding some hiit cardio helps to boost metabolism as well.
Getting shredded is not easy but it is certainly worth it, great article!

It goes deeper then the old "intake less calories" rule that we all have learned in grade school. You need to look at the deeper issue which is the type of calories you are consuming.

Calories from carbohydrates, starches, and sugars will actually spike your insulin levels, and when that happens your body will react by sending all incoming calories to storage, which is commonly known as fat. You don't get fat by eating fat, you get fat when you consume insulin spiking calories.

I personally eat all the animal products I can get my hands on, including eggs and animal fat. I never count calories. I lost about 20 pounds in a years time.

Keep it simple. Since the food pyramid was released decades ago heart disease and obesity has gone up. Doesn't take a genius to figure out why that is.

Hard work exercise burn fat of the body and grows ur muscles so eating your all favorites food having no metter.

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Amazing! All the Fitness is willingness and patience.

buth of them are difficult because it related to your body sistem but that was great information :))