Rockets vs Heat

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        The Houston Rockets play the Miami Heat tonight in Miami. A meeting of 2 hot teams.  Miami is playing their best ball of the year and the Rockets just  came  out with a win over the Warriors.  The Rockets have defeated the Warriors 2-3 games this year. Many experts now believe that the Rockets can give the Warriors a  run for their money and possibly beat them in a 7 game series. Of course, the Rockets have to stay healthy for this to even possibly happen. 

         Rockets get 2 players (Ariza,Green) back in their playing roster. Both have completed 2 game suspensions. This should fortify their roster and give rest to their key players. The team has been playing well and have great chemistry.  They root for each other and hold each other accountable. 

          Chris Paul is their captain on defense and  everyone seems to be putting more energy and effort at defensive end. They are able to stop other teams late in games when they really have to.

           Exciting times for Huston fans. Team is fun to watch and potential for NBA championship is there. The message is, "Houston , we do not have a problem!"


          Their defense has really gotten better. Chris Paul is the captain of the defense and it seems everyone is  contributing to defense by putting great energy and effort at defensive end.  Exciting times for Rockets fans. The team is fun to watch and  the potential is there for a them to contend for an NBA championship.  The message is, "Houston, we do not have a problem!"   Go Rockets!


Rockets look solid! On fire!

goo goo rockets :D

Rockets Champions!

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