Terrence Crawford vs Julius Indongo: A Pound for Pound King Seeks to Unify All the Belts!

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Terrence 'Bud' Crawford:

The current Ring Magazine #4 pound for pound fighter with a 30-0 record, undoubtedly the best lightweight on the planet and a true problem for any fighter in his division: 'Bud'. He has made a name for himself by finishing top tier fighter after top tier fighter; his last showing against former Olympic Gold Medalist Felix Diaz allowed us to see his wide range of ring capabilities.
The 'Coup De Grace' in any and all of Crawford's fights is his length and endurance, nobody can touch him and he never gets tired. Terrence is the current (and true) WBC champion, as well as the holder of the WBO belt. His status as multiple weight champion and contender has cemented him as not only pound for pound, but THE pound for pound greatest lightweight alive. Following in the dominant lineage of Arguello and Mayweather at 140 pounds, all the while fighting like a smaller yet more technical Paul Williams, Crawford remains a true threat to any lightweight or junior-wetler that steps to him.
Julius 'Blue Machine' Indongo:

The current 22-0 IBF and WBA lightweight champion, Indongo is a formidable opponent in an age of fleeting contenders. To unify the belts means holding 3 or more titles at once, and Indongo is pursuant upon the 4 title record just as Crawford is. A somewhat impressive showing against Ricky Burns, along with an 8 year undefeated streak has led Indongo to the main event against the lineal champion of the world. The African native swept many opponents easily in his tenure for coastal organizations, but in the big show Indongo has shows a susceptibility to getting hit in the later rounds, and his power isn't evident against the elite as it has been against others. Julius is also 34 years old in his fighting prime, if he does succeed as the unified and undisputed champion, his reign will be one of a wise and experienced fighter. He will face the biggest challenge of his life come the 19th, and he will be ready.
Breakdown and Prediction:
Crawford is simply the best in the world. There is no way to over look his accomplishments, and the way he has finished his opponents with unrelenting pressure and technique shows him to be every bit of greatness he is portrayed to be. The 34 year old champion Indongo is a formidable test, and at 22-0 with two Pro-Boxing titles to his name, he is no push over. His durability will play a huge factor in this fight, and he must be able to fight on the inside as he did against Burns....Crawford is much too long and cagey to fight him at range. Julius must throw off Crawford's timing, and really switch up his style mid fight. Two rounds in Terrence will have figured most opponents out, and the rest of the ring time is about deconstructing and putting the opponent away. Indongo will actually be the slightly bigger man, he will stand 3 inches taller, and he possesses a 2 inch reach advantage. These factors will matter if indongo can keep his technicality for 12 rounds, and match the pace of the younger, and much more deceptive Crawford. The timing, the snap, and the combinations on all of Bud's punches are perfect, and he will never quit attacking. We have never seen either man hurt, but he have seen both men hit, and although Terrence is a nearly 14 to 1 favorite now, this will be one of the more sturdy tests of his career.
Terrence Crawford, Unanimous Decision
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I agree, Bud via UD. I'm waiting on the Danny Garcia and Thurman vs Crawford fights. Indongo looks tall. Might give Bud some problems trying to get inside.


Indongo is tall but his reach is kind of lacking, and I too want to see Bud move up. Crawford vs. Thurman would be wild man, see how Crawford can handle some real heat! Thanks for commenting bro!