🏈NFL Thursday Night Football Contest | Ravens vs. Bengals | Chance to win STEEM!💰

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Welcome to the #NFL Thursday Night Football Contest!



Deadline - 8:20 PM EST. on 9/13🏈

Contest Rules

  • All contestants are allowed one "bet."
  • All "bets" must be placed by 8:20 PM EST. on 9/13
  • Contestants must pick a Team to win + Combined Total Points.
  • Whoever picks the Winning Team,
    and is closest to the Combined Total Points, wins the contest.
  • List your "bet" as follows, Winning Team + Combined Total Points.
    Example: Ravens, 75 points.
  • All contestants must UPVOTE post to play.
  • All contestants should try their best to circulate the post/contest.
  • Winner(s) get 50% of the post's liquid earnings.
  • Any post edited after the deadline will be disqualified from the contest.



-Ladies and gents we have a slight update to the payouts. Due to SBD no longer being printed, payouts will move from half of the SBD liquid payouts to half liquid payouts.

-The payout will still be the same percentage, however you will receive Steem now instead of SBD.

-When/if SBD starts being printed again, we will go right back to the previous payouts. Thanks everyone.

So much excitement with the NFL season back on tap!

NFL Thursday Night Football Contests will run each week of the season. Be on the look out for a chance to win STEEM!

Please list your bets in the proper order listed so that it's easier for me to grade the picks. If you have any ideas, suggestions or ways of helping the contest, feel free to let me know.

Resteem appreciated. Follow me here on Steemit or find me on Twitter.

Check out MLB Daily Pick'em Contests at @sportsncoffee Best of Luck!

@liberty-minded on the logo.🏈

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BAL 37

bal 78

Bal 55

Bengals 46 points

Bengals 62 points

Ravens 48

Baltimore- 31

Bengals 41

Ravens 45

Bengals 52 points

Bengals 45

Ravens 46

Bengals 42

Ravens 41

Bengals 41

Bengals 38

Ravens 49

ravens 43

bengals 31

Baltimore, 55

Bengals 40

Bengals 43



bengals 56

balt 55

Cincinatti 36

Baltimore 44

Ravens 54

Baltimore, 51