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My first rally in four seasons #3

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 Hi, Steemers! As some of you know, I write mainly about motorsport, mainly World  Rally Championship. I used to compete in lower classes in Croatian Rally  Championship and  did some rallies of European Rally Championship and  Central European  Rally Trophy because that rallies were part of  Croatian Championship.  

     some tarmac action

Every rally car has it's FIA - TECHNICAL PASSPORT. 

Why? Before every rally, car has to be checked with homologation papers if everything is technically clear.  

What is homologation? There're technical things what you can do or not on your rally/race car and that is written in homologation papers.

     first page with number of homologation and some basic stuff about car

Roll cage must be also homologated and it's strictly supervised before every rally. It's about your life. If you crash it badly, roll cage will save you from injuries or something even worse.

        roll cage

My car was firstly designed for hill climb races. Later it was prepared for rallies.

      first hill climb version of my car photos

In technical passport of your rally car must be numbers of homologations of your seats, belts and fire extinguisher.

       belt's, seat's and fire extinguisher's numbers

After that it's data with rallies and hill climb races that car was on it.

That's all about technical passport. Today I should know more about my windscreen change and after that I have to drive a car for a FIA scrutineering. This will all happen this week.

Wish me luck!

For now I have only one sponsor and that is web company  #LOGIT.HR and I'm thankful for that.

          my sponsor's logo  


Please upvote and follow my posts for more news in next two   weeks. You can also donate my rally project here if you want. Thank you   kindly. :)



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Excellent tutorials for new people looking to start racing!


oh, thank you kindly. beer just needed with this stuff :)

Great post @ssekulji!
This is the side of Motorsport most people don't even think about!
Most think you just turn up to a field, track, rally stage and go for it :)

For #motocross, a day usually starts from 7am (practice starts at 10am) with getting your bike scrutineered for faults, also your safety equipment needs to be ACU legal (also checked) . Then when you have your licence and papers to sign on for the practice you can go and get your bike prepped. After this you need to complete all practice laps to show that both yourself and your equipment are safe to enter the main heats.

Interesting to see your side of the sport :)


thanks, @boy2k!
i really like your #motocross stuff but it's more dangerous in my opinion.
four wheels are four wheels and there's also roll cage :)
sponsorship is always a problem and without finance there's no 'road romance' - that's what i always say :)


Hah! well in some respects it can be more dangerous yes... but you guys do it faster lol

Either way i think we can both say it takes a certain person and a lot of dedication to be good!


I also agree without sponsorship its very HARD!


unfortunately :P


hahahah, that's why i have speed numbers turned off in my car. other way, when you see 160km/h on some gravel road, your pants can go wet quickly

how cool is that @ssekulji - you are a racer? Excellent, love to read that - just repairing a post about sports history and a motorsports event too


thx, @uwelang! your stuff is cool


oh thanks buddy - likewise! Appreciate the motivational feedback @ssekulji


always :)

Fantastic explanation of rally world behind the scene.


hahaha, and you saw the tires also