Gender equality in Sport. And levelling this particular playing field with your help.

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One of the saddest things about sport today is the issue of gender inequality. You have to live under a rock today to not acknowledge that women are getting the short end of the stick in the corporate world and when it comes to pay scales.

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Female athletes have it as bad. Not only are women in sport facing the normal hazards that come with the territory, there are countless other issues in the mix making female athletes just give up on a career in sport. There is a plethora of problems. Female athletes are objectified by fans, commentators, and currently there are very public issues with team doctors who sexually harassed or molested female athletes, some coaches are inappropriate – although to be fair this happened in football academies too recently where guys were abused in much the same way. There are many who look at women’s sports as a showcase for their pleasure. Female athletes have to deal with sexist comments coming especially from men who think these female athletes aren’t strong or talented enough to perform well.

And then the biggie – the difference in pay between male and female athletes.

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Cases of female athletes that have come to the media to fight for their rights have become more popular. One recent case involving the USA women’s and men’s soccer teams brought up this endless discussion about equal payment in sports between genders.

Following the men’s World Cup in 2014 and women’s World Cup in 2015, the women’s team filed complaints about wage discrimination. The women’s team beat Japan in the championship game to become the best team in the world for the third time, while the men’s team suffered one more early elimination in their history.

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Even though the women’s team came out on the top, the amount awarded by the players wasn’t nearly equal.
To add insult to injury, almost 30 million people watched the women’s soccer finale on TV in the United States as the American team finished their undefeated competition with a monumental win over the Japanese team. This game remains the most watched soccer match in the history of the country, including men’s games. But yet, the female team didn’t receive nearly the same remuneration as the men’s team.

With women’s teams gaining popularity around the world, it seems that equality between genders is inevitably going to be an issue in the sports industry for many more years to come. This is because people continue to deny that female athletes are capable enough to perform at a high level and to make a spectacle for their audience.

And we need to correct this. This is why SportsPodium is being created. To level the playing field. The ball is your court.

Do your bit to stand up for this outrage.

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I think in the case of the USA Women's there can be no economic argument, but also at grass roots, all participants help develop and contribute to a sport so at the top level I think male and female should be paid equally, TV and sponsorship are not the only factors to consider! what about things like physical and mental health benefits...

well, women are doing a great job for stepping out of their comfort zone. nowadays, we see women everywhere doing works in most positions apart from sport.thanks for sharing.

The mentality has to change. Men should be taught to respect and treat women equally.

I do not agree
with your opinion
in sports
equality between a male athlete with a female athlete there is no place
For example on badminton sport tennis there is a mixed doubles her
if in football and where volleyball can be
so in the sport has been adjusted
please athlete achieving women in the field of sport that he mastered

maybe its time to experiment a little, there are some sports that could be mixed genders.
like Badminton, I dont see an advantage for either female or male here.
Tennis, this could be interesting.
Skiing, i dont see a gender advantage here
there are ofcourse some sports with gender advantages, maybe alot, but this could be a start of neutralizing earnings between genders.