Looks like Woodley is going to get his rematch afterall

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I feel as though I made this happen with my harsh words last time about how Woodley is a moron who will do anything for money. I still think that this is true, Woodley is an idiot and even though he once held a world championship belt in UFC he was a "zero draw" for audiences and pay-per-views because he was and is a dreadfully boring fighter.

Jake Paul shunned Woodley's pleas for a rematch even after Tyron got his finger tattooed in an unofficial promise the two had as a condition for said rematch. Things beyond Tyron's control made it so he actually will get that rematch but once again the circumstances leading into the rematch work wildly in Jake Paul's favor.


Jake was meant to face Tommy Fury on the 18th of December but at the 11th hour Tommy's team pulled out of the deal claiming medical reasons and of course Jake saw this as an opportunity to create more hype and of course to be a real jerk on social media. Jake said "It's official, Tommy Fury is now boxing's biggest bitch!"

Tommy responded by showing an X-ray of his broken rib as a response.

I guess that's a broken rib, i'm not a doctor, i dunno

So now Tyron is getting called up to fill in the headlining spot and Jake isn't wasting any time to talk a bunch of junk about the 10-days-from-now fight claiming that he is going to prove all the naysayers wrong and KO Woodley this time around. To be honest with you, I kind of wish he would KO Woodley even though I really dislike Jake Paul.

Woodley is a moron and he proved this by failing as an entertaining in UFC, failing to finish a guy who doesn't even appear to be a real boxer, and also failing to have some dignity in defeat. However, this "rematch "works dramatically in Paul's favor because now Woodley has a mere 10 days to prepare for a fight.

I don't know if you know much about professional fighting, but it is damn near impossible to get up to fighting shape in 10 days. Jake has been training all along and up until yesterday, it looked impossible that Woodley was going to get a rematch at all, let alone this soon.

Plus there are all the rumors that go around out there about how contract fights with Jake Paul, who basically controls everything about the matches, contain non-disclosure agreements and clauses that forbid his opponents from knocking him out. This was something that looked very suspicious when Woodley had Jake on the ropes early on the last time they faced one another and instead of going in for the kill, Woodley backed off.

more than a little bit sus

I still feel as though these events are an embarassment to the sport but there is no denying the marketing prowess of the Paul brothers. They have built an empire out of nonsensical half fights and the people around the world are dumb enough to fall for it time and time again. I won't be watching and even if I was I certainly wouldn't pay the $60 pay-per-view price.

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