Jake Paul training for MMA?

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The war of words between Jake Paul and basically anyone who matters that will talk to him appears to have gotten though to Jake as he is repeatedly called out and said to be a "hack" because he only boxes against people who are not actually boxers. He fights washed up MMA stars and at one point in time had a boxing match against an ex NBA player who disagreed with him on Twitter or something like that. I'm not sure... I don't care enough to look.

Jake's latest feud has been with Dana White and to White's testament, he hasn't really participated in it as far as social media is concerned. Dana isn't without his demons, but I find it refreshing that he doesn't do his laundry in public on Twitter like everyone else.

Jake Paul has offered to join MMA in a roundabout way and although Dana White and UFC have not really expressed any interest in signing him, there is, sadly, no denying the fact that some organization would definitely be interested in getting him in there for the surge in viewers.


While there wasn't really much to it, Paul has posted some clips of him doing some kick training and then claimed he will "kick down the doors of all the doubters." He tagged UFC, Bellator, and PFL one of which responded saying that his kicking technique looks solid.

The spat between Dana White and Jake Paul actually has me on the side of Jake a bit because his main beef, or so he claims, is that White and the UFC underpay their athletes and doesn't provide them with health care. Jake has made many offers to UFC and Dana that he will do whatever it takes to rectify this situation.

I am not on Jake's side for many things and feel as though he is an idiot for the most part. However, I do agree with him about UFC keeping most of the money for the shareholders and many if not most of their fighters end up with long-term physical problems and also with very little to no money because they signed on with the organization hoping to be one of the fortunate few who actually comes out on top. Tyron Woodley is a perfect example of this: He actually held a championship belt for a time but upon his release he quickly found himself broke and this lead to his embarrassing 2 fights against Jake Paul where he made more money in those two fights than his near decade in UFC.

Will Jake Paul enter MMA in order to prove everyone wrong? Well there are a couple of reasons why this actually could happen.

Here's why it could happen

  • He already defeated two MMA stars in boxing matches and while MMA fighters aren't necessarily the best boxers, they do train quite a lot in it, so this shows that he is not a fluke. The dude actually can box even though it looks sloppy compared to other full-time boxers
  • Jake is only 24 years old and there have been many MMA fighters that have gone on to excel in the sport that started training after this age. There is plenty of time for him to figure out if the sport is for him and he has enough money to afford the best trainers to get him up to elite level if it is possible at all.

Here's why I think it wont happen

  • Jake makes a TON of money with his exhibition boxing matches and he controls every aspect of it
  • A quick loss in an MMA fight could end all of the hype surrounding the guy and this could destroy his brand. As much as Jake loves being in the limelight, I find it unlikely that he would risk this all just to prove a point to Dana White.

Personally, I don't really care what he does. I don't watch his fights because they are boring and sloppy. I am also not really a fan of traditional boxing in an overall sense. Outside of highlights of the greats and the odd "Gypsy King" fight, I find nearly all boxing to be terribly boring. There is a lot more to MMA than just kicking and boxing and being in good shape. Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu are massive parts of the sport. If Jake wanted to enter this world it would take him years to be ready for it at an elite level. Who knows though? I could have this guy pegged all wrong. He may end up being really good at it. One thing is for certain though, Jake excels at keeping himself in the limelight so if he wants it, he is going to get it.

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