2nd Bundesliga, week 4, Friday games with Ingolstadt vs. AUE

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Am Freitag startet der 4. Spieltag der 2. Bundesliga mit 2 sehr interessanten Spielen.

On Friday starts the 4th game day of the 2nd Bundesliga with 2 very interesting games.

ing.png vs. bsg.png

Ingolstadt spielt zu hause gegen AUE. Beide Mannschaften haben noch kein Spiel gewonnen in der neuen Saison und müssen eigentlich 3 Punkte holen. Ich hoffe einfach auf einen glücklichen Auswärtssieg meiner Mannschaft mit 2:1.

Ingolstadt plays at home against AUE. Both teams have not won a match in the new season and have to score 3 points. I just hope for a lucky away win of my team with 2: 1.

pad.png vs. vfl.png

Paderborn spielt zu hause gegen Bochum. Paderborn hat den Heimvorteil, aber die Bochumer haben zur Zeit einen Lauf. Ich tippe auch hier 1:2.

Paderborn plays at home against Bochum. Paderborn has the home advantage, but the Bochum currently have a run. I also guess here 1: 2.

Funny games @all
Best regards & Glück auf

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Ingolstadt 2 vs 0. AUE


May be in the next life but not tomorrow. :-)))
AUE catch minimum one point.

Best regards


But it will be so hard for AUE...

Great to see all the leagues gearing up again. I know that we had the world cup but it's time to get back to the regular season now. Between all the domestic leagues and the champions league draw this week we are about to get interesting. We don't get many of the bundesliga matches here. Mostly premiership and la liga.

In my opinion,
Ingolstadt 3 vs 0. AUE
It is very difficult for AUE. But let's see what happens to the end. The sports is really weird, it can be anything at any time


Ingolstadt: Aue 1:1 (aber natürlich drück ich dir für Aue die daumen :D)
Paderborn: Bochum 0:1

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hi friend, a question, are some of these teams new to this league? I like the German league but I had not heard them

Result :

Ingolstadt won 3 against Erzgebirge Aure which was 2. On the other hand,
Paderborn and Bochum tied 2 to 2. Surprises?