Test may be Ashraful's best place

in sports •  last year 

After around 6 years Asrafuls ban time from International Cricket has been ended.

We all are now waiting for to come to see him playing. He is also working hard to get chance in team. He lost his 6 kg weight to gain fitness. However his fitness is not up to the mark yet compared to national cricket team.

Thats why we may have to wait longer. But he will get chance in BPL T20 where he can show his capability.

Some fans are making facebook campaign claiming that selection committee should take him in squad. But he is not in the watch list of selection committee. Head of selection committee Nannu said recently they are not thinking about Asraful as he is 31 years old now.

They want to give chance to new players as world cup is almost near. But we can't miss the experience of asraful

I think Asraful made a mistake and he was punished for that. So now if he is qualified we should give him chance.

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