SSN BET - Match of the Day: France - Netherlands / 9.09.2018

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 Hi all guys!
 Yesterday has come to the end successfully for guys from SSN. Generally we staked on FNL matches (the second championship for the importance in Russia). Have looked at a match of our native club - Tambov. And the last match in the program Saturday evening was a match of English national team and Spanish national team. The match took place to Wembley and the rate has won. And today in League A two more national teams a level top play a match.
 French national team, as well as the previous five World champions, couldn't win the first match in the honourable status.


 French national team with triumph has arrived from the World Cup, having equaled hopes of fans. Despite quite boring and academic soccer, in the final "three-colored" have appeared before the audience in all beauty, having got a desired trophy. Against the background of this success the huge attention in the light of delivery of "Ballon d'Or" is riveted on leaders of the French national team, for the first time for long time Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo aren't considered as the main candidates for an award.
 Didier Deschamps's team started in the League of Nations a match with Germany on a visit and has managed to get a goalless draw. The result can be considered quite successful, but to some players of the French national team the press had questions – Paul Pogba has been forced to justify himself for the unsuccessful actions, having promised to add in the next match as soccer. The match with Holland is important for the French and from the psychological point of view and hardly fans can explain the second in a row match without victories.


 The national team of Holland not too impresses recently, failing selection behind selection. Alternation of generations has too dragged on therefore the current tournament "orange" for certain will be tried to be held qualitatively. Ronald Koeman, unlike the predecessor, won't have any more an opportunity to refer to youth and a nepopytnost of the structure, the most part of his team already rattles at the club level and draws to itself attention of "top" clubs.
 In a friendly match with the national team of Peru a weak game "orange" in defense has affected again – Peruvians have opened the account on "Johan Kroyff Arena" and have won the first half. In the second half of a meeting Memphis Depay's double has allowed Holland to win a victory which has hardly impressed strongly fans. The duel has been still marked by farewell to the national team of Wesley Sneijder who has played 134 duels for Holland.

Statistics and personal meetings

  • At the last four internal meetings French national team steadily beats Holland
  • At four last house meetings France has three times beaten Holland, and each of victories was with a difference more than in one goal
  • Only in one of the last five matches the national team of Holland didn't pass

 French national team has got a draw with Germans during a week, but her game, frankly speaking, was far from ideal. Nevertheless, can take the first three points in the status of the World champion "three-colored" already today, having beaten Dutches. Didier Deschamps's team obviously surpasses the rival in selection of players and pressure of the public will force the World champion to play more aggressively.
 The national team of Holland already doesn't lose four duels, but has serious problems in defense which the French forwards who are obviously expecting to get an award "Ballon d'Or" are obliged to use today.

France - Netherlands W1(-1) with 1,93 for 5% of bank

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