Daily NHL Steemit Contest - Dallas Stars Vs. St Louis Blues (October 7th)

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Enter to win Steem Dollars!

Simply choose the winner and the total number of goals scored.
For example, leave a comment: "St Louis, 5 Goals"

The Details

  • Each day there'll be one featured game.
  • Winner gets 100% of the liquid Steem Dollars from this post (Min $5 SD).
  • The contest will be posted on Steemit the day before the game takes place.


Dallas Stars Vs. St Louis Blues

(October 7th, 8:00pm Eastern) - Watch for free on NHL.TV

How To Play

  • Guess the winner
  • Guess the total number of goals scored
  • Comment with your answer before the drop of the puck (ex. "Dallas, 6 goals"). All entries made after the start of the game will be invalid.
  • Limit of 1 entry per person.

How to Win

  • Must guess the winning team correctly.
  • Of those who correctly guess the winning team, the person closest to the total number of goals wins.

More Details

  • A tie results in the prize being split amongst the winners.
  • Shootout goals don't count toward the total number of goals. Only the final score will be taken into account.
  • Prizes will be distributed after this post pays out.
  • Minimum prize is $5 SD.

Recent Winners

October 5th - @mushroombadger
October 4th - @davor27 & @digitalking

In case you missed yesterday's contest, there's still time to enter!


st louis

Stars 3 goals
You can if u are interested participate to my NHL contest

St. Louis. 6 Goals

Winner! St Louis won 4-2.

Oh wow! Thanks mate ;-)

St. Louis 3 goals

St. Louis, 8 goals

St. Louis. 7 Goals

St Louis 4 Goals

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