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Just posted a new hockey card box break video up on my YouTube channel! You can view it here:

Today, I have a box of 2017-18 Upper Deck Ice! You can get a rare Brock Boeser Ice Premieres Rookie Card /99 out of this! I didn’t score the Boeser card, but I did get a sweet Chicago Blackhawks Jersey Card and Wayne Gretzky Insert! You can view the picture of both cards at the top of this blog!

I did pretty good with this box!

Contact me for buying and trading here, or through the following ways:

eBay: 3883shaun
YouTube: Shaun’s Collectibles
Facebook: Shaun’s Collectibles
Minds: ShaunsCollectibles
Bittube: ShaunsCollectibles
Instagram: shaunscollectibles
Reddit: shaunscollectibles
Steemit: shaungerow
Scorum: shaungerow
LinkedIn: Shaun Gerow

Happy Collecting! 🙂

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