The Trump Tweet About Lebron Made Me Laugh, Did You?

in sports •  3 months ago

I have to say, one of the most rediculous temper tantrums by the anti Trump #FakeNews media happened this weekend when Trump tweeted about CNN's Don Lemon and Lebron James.

When I first saw this tweet, I laughed out loud. I thought it was hilarious. Lebron was interviewed by Don Lemon earlier this week after Lebron opened up his school for 240 at risk kids....great move by Lebron btw....but much of the interview was a Trump bashing segment. So I thought it was funny when I saw the tweet.
I can't stand Lebron James and I am not a fan of his. Probably because I grew up worshing Michael Jordan and the Bulls.
Everyone needs to relax and take a joke everyonce in a while. The best part about the tweet was the end, "I like Mike."
Me too! Cheers!
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Well definitively agree with you. Trumps tweet is ludicrous.
Though Lebron James also leaves mixed feelings among Basket-Ball lovers, which I am part of, I think that he deserves credit for his steady commitments and progresses on and off the field.
Though I think MJ will remain above LBJ in the game´s history I have never heard any story about MJ helping kids of the quarter he was born in or in Chicago.
LBJ shows that he wants to give back to his community with sometimes too much media presence. Such kind of resonance can be a prejudice for the well-thought project as the U.S. Medias will regularly keep an eye on the "I promise school" and the first issue would be mentioned nationwide, I guess.

I got a good laugh out of the "I like Mike" bit too. Hilarious.

I couldn't find a picture of him with Jordan, him and Tyson are good friends though.