Lebron's Response To Boogie Becoming A Warrior

in sports •  6 months ago

Man oh man! I would give anything to have been with Lebron James when he found out last night that the best team In the NBA, the Golden State Warriors, signed the best center in the NBA, Boogie Cousins.
Lebron has to be kicking himself for leaving the weak Eastern Conference! Cheers!
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LBJ will be facing hard times with the Lakers. It will not be an as easy shot as with the Heat in 2010 when he had 2 Superstars surrounding him.
Will be exciting to see which outcome the games between his Lakers and the other Western contenders will have.
I assume the first year will be about builiding the team and the second year will be contending for the Ring. So LBJ´s finals streak willl stop next season.