Meet high-load crypto betting with 0% commission — ScorumBet

in #sports4 years ago (edited)

Hi, Steemians!

We have great news for you. Scorum, blockchain powered sports ecosystem, launched the first high-load crypto betting with 0% commission — ScorumBet.


ScorumBet offers fans a fast, fun and free betting experience. Scorum has released the first iteration of the peer-to-peer sports betting exchange that welcomes both pro punters and occasional bettors. The table below shows the comparison of ScorumBet to other platforms across the industry taking into account most important features for every bettor.


ScorumBet brings the security and transparency of blockchain tech to what has long been an opaque and, at times, downright corrupt industry.

ScorumBet is the future of sports betting. Join now and be among first to play and win on Scorum!

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