WORLD CUP RESULT - Matchday 3 of 3

in #sports6 years ago

Score Result


Adnan Januzaj 51'

Yassine Meriah 33' ( OG)

F.Ben Youssef 51'
Wahbi Khazri 66'


Jan Bednarek 59'


Yerry Mina 74'

Very sad, there is no African teams in the round of 16. The last African team's Segenal is not qualified after Colombia defeated Senegal 1-0 . They’ve played excellently in almost all respects today, but haven’t really created anything. Which, to be fair, is quite a major respect.

Japan losing to Polad 1-0, however they are one of the luckiest team qualified to the round of 16 after Colombia defeated Senegal 1-0.

Good news for England and Belgium as they are qualified for the round of 16 .

Congratulations for those teams qualified to the next round of 16.


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