The remaining 26 days of the World Cup The World Cup will not be there anymore

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imageOnly 26 days left for the World Cup, The Great Show on Earth. Surely, football fans have started counting on the doodle. The first light online also started with 'Count Down'. There is a special composition on continuous calculation every day. Today is the number 26

Why 26 numbers like to love football? On the contrary, why the football has started growing up with 26 numbers nowadays. A couple of important events of the World Cup are being played by the 26th.
The 31 teams that won the World Cup were played, and hosted by the rest of the group by their hostel. The 32-team format is very much like the World Cup. There was little discussion about the World Cup team. The World Cup, which started in 2003, came in 1998 with 32 teams. Many people have accepted this format for the World Cup in the best possible way. However, the format of the 2026 World Cup will be called off. The reason is that the host team is still not right, but it has been decided that 48 teams will get the taste of 2026 World Cup.
Silvio Gatzhanigar is one of the finest creatures of the World Cup trophy. The trophy, which weighs a little over 6 cm in height of 38 centimeters, will be held on the head for the last time in 2038. Because, since 1974 every winner's name is written in this trophy. After the 26th World Cup, no place will be left for the name of the winner in the trophy.
Penalty shootout or tiebreaking system has been introduced since the 1978 World Cup. If the 90-minute game is not over in extra time, then the teams named after this fate test. So far, in the 10 World Cup, there was a total of 26 times penalty shootouts.
People will remember the 2006 World Cup for a lot of reasons. Zinedine Zidane's return to the world, or the cannonby farewell or the whole of Italy, can win the World Cup, or who can forget. The interest in watching the World Cup was also high. It is estimated that 26 billion (2,600 million) viewers worldwide saw this World Cup. Can be thought, 26 billion!
In the reverse story of seeing so many visitors, 26 is mixed. The lowest number of visitors to the World Cup qualification was in 2005. On the Costa Rica field, Panama played in the qualifying match. Estadio Ricardo Capriya was the viewer on that day! How much do you know March 26th!

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