The remaining 25 days of the World Cup The record of round digestion does not jeopardize anything

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imageThe World Cup, the Greatest Show on Earth, just 25 days left. Surely, football fans have started counting on the doodle. The first light online also started with 'Count Down'. There is a special composition on continuous calculation every day. Today is the number '25'

The Latha Mathaus World Cup began in 1982. Still there was no collapse of the Berlin Wall. Germans were divided into East-West. At the age of 21, Matthews played the first World Cup in West Germany. Ended in 1998 in undivided Germany. Matthews played 25 matches in five World Cups This is still the record of most matches in the final stage of the World Cup.
Matthews moved closer to winning the 1982 World Cup title. Ultimately, it was disappointing to lose to Italy in the final. The same frustration in the 1986 World Cup. In the final of the service, Matthews wins West Germany in Diego Maradona, Argentina. The dream of winning the World Cup in Matthu was completed in 1990. Mathias took revenge for losing service to Argentina He was also the captain of West Germany. In the last two World Cups of 1994 and 1998, the team of Matthews had to depart from the quarter-finals.
Mexico is one of the oldest teams in the World Cup. They left the group stage in the first World Cup in 1930. Their best achievement in the 1970s and 1986 quarterfinals of the World Cup. Mexico's record of the highest number of matches in 15 World Cups They have so far lost 25 matches. Mexico, the second-highest runoff in the World Cup,
António Caravan This is the legendary goalkeeper in Mexico. According to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS), the best goalkeeper of the 20th century caraval in the Conakahaf region. Karbahal played five World Cups from 1950 to 1966. He has held the record for the most number of World Cup tournaments held for 32 years. His record in the '98 France World Cup was shared by Lothar Matthews. But the carbohol is still unique in one place - that is, however, the "undefeated" record - he has digested most goals jointly in the World Cup. Five World Cup matches digested 25 goals
But the car owner alone is not the owner of this record. Later on, his record was shared by Mohammad Ali Daiyyi. Saudi Arabia's former goalkeeper has digested 25 rounds of the ball while playing four World Cups.
World Cup coaches also Best battlefield combat tactics In this fight, who has taken most of the disciples to the field, he has a helm. From 1964 to 1978, in 14 years he played in four World Cups under the then West Germany. In the '74 World Cup saw the face of the title. In these four World Cups, West Germany played under 25 matches. Coaching record for the highest number of matches in the World Cup
In the 1954 World Cup, many people have remembered Sandra Coxis, Nandar Heidekoti, Ferunk Puskas's heroine team. One of the best teams to win the World Cup has hung up in the history of '54 Hungary. Most of the goals scored in the service of the tournament (27). This is the highest score in a World Cup tournament. But if the question is, what is the highest goals in a tournament among the World Cup winners? The answer is to go back to that 54 Surely, the champion Westlie's team scored 25 goals. It is the record of the highest goals in a tournament in World Cup winning teams.

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