Messi is afraid to go shopping with his wife!

in #sports5 years ago

imageWhat can he do or not on the ball! Opponent Defense The goal is to score a goal after the goal Great goals are also made by teammates with incredible passes. In all, the opponents defend their water at one hour in his name. This is Lionel Messi's identity. There is another statistic that has been adjacent to the Argentine wizard, and has won five ballon d'Or.

The Messi fears a panic in the football field. This is no matter what it is, because of his wife's fear. Without fear of thinking, Messi is afraid to go shopping with his wife. This does not mean that Barcelona does not need to buy anything from the market. Everything is bought according to personal and family needs. But it does not go to the physical market, not online, 'I like to buy clothes. But not in the market. Shopping is online; Which discourages me to go out. In fact, when I go out with Anthonyella (Messi's wife), I feel helpless. "If Messi is in the market, then the atmosphere can be centered around him!
This does not mean that Messi does not go out completely. He is also a man of flesh and blood. But as soon as he could finish his job, he would have been able to get rid of his breath, 'When I try to go out for shopping or walk, all of a sudden it goes with speed. Do not stop anywhere. Get back to work and finish the job. But I do not do it when I go with anonella or kids. '

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